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Gym Workout

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<font size="2"Cardio</font>

25 minutes of elliptical.

<font size="2">ARMS</font>

<B>Butterfly Curl</b>
Increased to 55 lbs.

<b>Dip bar</b>
Increased to 120 lbs.

<b>Tricep pull</b>
Increased to 40 lbs, metal bar

<b>Lat pull</b>
I believe it was 45 lbs.

<b>Chest Press</b>

Increased to 20 lbs.

<font size="2">LEGS</font>

<b>Leg Pull</b>

50 lbs.

<b>Leg Push</b>

60 lbs.

<b>Hip Abductor</b>

60 lbs, down from 70 lbs.

<b>Hip Adductor</b>

110 lbs.

<b>Leg Press</b>

Increased to 50 lbs.